Drug-Free World Brings Information on Drugs to Apple iPhone


Meet Drug Free World, one of the latest free apps for iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The Drug Free World app (created by Lightworx Ltd.) provides mobile access to information on the most commonly abused drugs, youth can instantly view at the time they need it most–when they are being exposed to drugs.

For example, when being offered drugs at parties and clubs, youth can open Drug Free World on their phone, check out exactly what the drug is and what it does and so be discouraged from using.

Parents and peers can share this app, communicating the dangers of drugs without lecturing or preaching. And since the app is designed for any iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, the facts about drugs can be taken anywhere.

The app is tailored to appeal to youth, and incorporates the edgy graphics, award-winning videos and virtual booklets shown on this site. It provides the history of each individual drug, its effects on the body and mind.

This product came about after executives of Lightworx were introduced to the Foundation for a Drug-Free World and its website. Impressed by the Foundation’s commitment to educating youth on this important issue, they decided to donate their time and technical knowledge to creating the mobile software.

Having already spread its anti-drug message to tens of millions, the Foundation for a Drug-Free World expects to reach millions with this new application.